Microporous Is Pleased To Announce the Global Partnership With Zisun For AGM Innovation, Manufacturing, And Distribution!

(May 30, 2019 Piney Flats, Tennessee)-Chongqing Zaisheng (Zisun) Technology Corp., Ltd (and its affiliates) and Microporous LLC (and its affiliates) are pleased to announce their Definitive, Exclusive and Immediate Global Partnership for the Development, Manufacturing and Distribution of Micro-glass-fiber Composite Media (AGM separator) dedicated to Lead-acid Batteries. 

  • Microporous is the fastest growing and global leader in battery separator solutions for lead acid battery applications. 
  • Zisun is a leading and fast growing public corporation (Shanghai Stock Exchange 603601) specialized in the development, engineering and manufacturing of both micro-glass fibers and specialized wet laid engineered micro-glass media, for a variety of high-end applications such as air, liquid or hydraulic filtration, and innovative thermo isolation solutions.

This marriage of leading expertise in lead acid battery chemistry & separator engineering with high-end micro glass fiber & related wet laid technologies is a winning combination for Microporous global customer base.

Through the long term strategic partnership, the partners are enthusiastic and committed to serve and provide innovative solutions to the growing demand across VRLA and flooded lead acid battery applications, including start-stop, deep cycle, marine, stationary, and other systems like bi-polar or ultra-capacitor enhanced batteries.

About Microporous: Microporous offers the broadest range of battery separators for lead acid battery applications in the world. Its strong relationship with its global customer base, associated with reputation of exemplary service and innovation in separator solutions for lead acid batteries, has convinced Zisun of the superior value proposition of the strategic alliance and its long term success.

To learn more about Microporous, please visit: https://microporous.net

About Zisun: Zisun is invested in the most advanced technologies for the development, quality control and production related to both micro-glass fibers and the associated wet laid technologies.  Zisun is the largest fully integrated producer of micro-glass fiber in Asia, and the only one having fully owned and controlled access to raw materials, micro-glass-fiber manufacturing with both rotary and flame attenuated technologies, and state of the art fully automated wet laid media production lines. The strategic alliance with Microporous is fully aligned with Zisun’s development efforts and investments for high specific surface area battery separator and ambitious goals to grow on a global scale.

To learn more about Zisun, please visit: http://www.cqzskj.com/eng_content/eng_qywh.aspx

Microporous Sales Team will soon contact our customers directly with more information!!

Press Release PDF Version: Microporous -Zisun Press Release