Sunho Choi Joins Microporous Family!

Piney Flats, TN. October 5, 2020-Microporous is excited to announce the arrival of Sunho Choi, Ph,D as Senior Development Engineer and will be directly reporting to David Mihara, VP Technology.

Sunho, has 17 years of research and work experience in membranes and adsorbents development, including polymer/inorganic/mixed matrix membrane thin films and hollow fibers, micro/nano-porous oxides, porous inorganic-organic hybrids, and metal organic frameworks.

His history of driving research innovation to advance separation technology based on fundamental understanding of surface chemistry, nanoscale interfacial engineering, and structure-property-process relationship is as recognized by 3 U.S.A/World patents and 25+ journal publications with 4, 100+ citations.

Sunho previously worked at Northeastern University as Assistant Professor leading the Choi research group while implementing state-of-the-art nanomaterial research.

Sunho’s main mission and deliverables in his new role at Microporous will be imparting fundamental materials engineering and membrane film process expertise to stage gate product and process development project teams during the design and implementation phases of the programs. His fundamental understanding of membrane technology will be brought to bear in enhancing and developing further the cutting edge MP portfolio of technical separator products.

Again, please join us in welcoming Sunho to our Microporous family!