Microporous Press Release – Price Increase

Monday, October 4, 2021 Piney Flats, Tennessee: Microporous is a leading global separator manufacturer for lead acid batteries. Over its 80+ years of history, Microporous has firmly established its reputation for best-in-class customer service and quality products, offering the broadest line of lead acid battery separators to a global customer base.

It has been a challenging year for many in the lead acid battery industry. Raw material shortages, work force scarcity, and logistic challenges are all part of the issue. The firm (Microporous) has tried their best to keep the costs under the control and do everything they could before passing along the price increases to the customers. Due to many excessive cost increases and the pace in which they have occurred, Microporous is announcing a price increase effective in October.

Microporous sales representatives will be working directly with their customers to answer any questions on the implementation of this increase.